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Yoga, Menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hey there, radiant souls!

As I'm sitting here, sipping on my refreshing water with a splash of lemon, wrapped in my favorite cozy shawl, I'm feeling a pull to share something deeply personal with you today. Because isn't that what girlfriends do? We share, we uplift, and we support.

For as long as you've known me, yoga and meditation have been my solace and my guiding light. They have steered me through turbulent times and anchored me during calm ones. And you've journeyed alongside me as I've delved deeper into mindfulness, managing fibromyalgia, heartache, cancer, and menopause with meditation and the transformative power of yoga.

Today, I want to let you in on a different chapter of my journey, one I honestly never expected to explore or even share: Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). From my vantage point, this is not a topic I find many yogis talking about, and that's a shame. Yet when I have hallway conversations, everyone is interested, as we realize some of the more subtle symptoms are ones we are all sharing.

Pause for effect, right? Yoga, Menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapy—it sounds like quite the unexpected mix! Let's be clear: I am only opening a dialogue that might be considered taboo in our industry. The lack of discussion on this topic in the yoga arena doesn't leave room for choice. I'm all about choices.

So let's take a step back for a moment. I've been living my life in the postmenopausal phase for about ten years now. This significant shift in my body's rhythm brought along many changes, and not all of them were particularly comfortable. Now that’s a milestone you don’t forget! While I was successful in using yoga and meditation to manage many of the changes, there were some lingering, less-than-pleasant reminders that my body was still adjusting to its new normal.

Initially, I was totally against HRT. I mean, it seemed so non-yogic, right? The media around it was scary, fearful, and almost looked down upon. I had this firm belief that my yoga and meditation practices could help me navigate these changes entirely on their own. I wanted to manage this phase of my life with just yoga, just like I had managed everything else.

But here's where life threw me a curveball: Despite my yoga and meditation practices, I began to notice that my energy levels weren't quite the same, my mood was flat, and my sleep was, well, let's just say I've had more peaceful nights. It felt like my body was speaking to me in a language I wasn’t fully understanding.

After some soul-searching, candid chats with my girlfriends, and many introspective meditation sessions, I realized that maybe, just maybe, I needed to consider something like HRT. So I do what I always do: research and learn about the topic. Why? Because as much as I adore yoga and believe in its healing power, I also understood that it might not have all the answers for this particular stage of my life. I had to admit that I needed a bit of extra help, and that's okay.

I recommend this book, The Menopause Manifesto: Own Your Health with Facts and Feminism, by Dr. Jen Gunther. It really goes into all aspects and histories of menopause and HRT.

HRT essentially involves taking medications containing female hormones to replace the ones that our bodies no longer make post-menopause. It's been lauded for alleviating some of the persistent symptoms that often linger after the 'M' transition. But it's also been getting some pretty bad press due to misinformation.

Deciding to try HRT hasn't been a departure from my yoga principles, but rather a deeper understanding of them. Yoga teaches us to listen to our bodies, to respect their needs, and to seek balance. My decision to try HRT was born out of that same mindfulness and self-care.

Remember, my lovelies, there's no "one size fits all" approach when it comes to our health and well-being. We're each unique in our needs and what feels right for us. I chose HRT because, at this point in my journey, it feels like the right path for my body.

This new chapter has been an education, to say the least, and it's taught me resilience and a greater understanding of my body. But, most importantly, it has reinforced that it's okay to seek help. It doesn't make us any less dedicated to our yoga practice or any less strong.

Remember, the beauty of yoga lies not just in the flexibility of our bodies but also in the adaptability of our minds. So here's to accepting change, embracing support, and continuing to flow through this wonderful, wild journey together.

Keep flowing and growing!

All my love,


Hello, my name is Vikky, and I am thrilled to share my passion for yoga with you. I have been teaching yoga for over 13 years in South Florida, and my journey with this ancient practice started over 37 years ago. As a registered yoga teacher and 200 Yoga School with Yoga Alliance, I hold expertise in multiple disciplines of yoga, including yogic anatomy, 500-hour yoga teacher training, yogic philosophy, and meditation. My classes are a blend of dynamic movement, breathwork, and meditation, providing a holistic experience that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit. I believe yoga is for everyone, regardless of age, fitness level, or experience. My approach is welcoming and inclusive, creating a safe and nurturing environment for all my students to explore the many benefits of yoga. Through my teachings, I hope to inspire and empower students to connect with their inner selves, cultivate mindfulness, and lead healthier, happier lives. Join me in my classes to experience the transformative power of yoga firsthand.



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