How To Avoid Cuts Under the Big Toe in Yoga

Sound Feet / Sound Practice - Vikky Santana Ever hear of "Ashtanga toe?" Trust me it's nothing like "yoga butt." If you've been practicing yoga, especially hot yoga, for a while you've probably experienced what looks like a papercut under the big toe. Something so small can be really distracting during practice. Why Does It Happen?:

  1. Moisture Associated Skin Damage (MASD): When exposed to excessive amounts of moisture, the skin will soften, swell, and become wrinkled, all of which make the skin more susceptible to damage.

  2. Rough Tractions Towel: I'm so particular on this. For Manduka's

  3. Feet are not properly activated especially in Down Dog. Notice where you rest your weight on the feet in Down Dog. If you're pushing away with the toes it might create these tears. Traction mats are aw