Manifesting Without Actually Manifesting

I am changing the way I manifest. It goes against everything I have heard and practiced as it relates to manifesting. My vision board is strategically organized with what I want to manifest. I have lists on how things should "be". I am in control of this! Then during my meditation I heard, "let go". I've heard this message many times through my life. It usually shows up when things are going smoothly and I have everything under control. No details just that one phrase so I continued on with my day. Then a friend saw my IG story and asked, "is that your vision board?" Automatic reply, "yup." Then Bailey, referenced it and said, "that's cool." I think back and noticed a lot of folks have been referencing my or their vision board. I could chalk it up to coincidence but I know there are no coincidences. There are signs and synchronicity. Then while driving home from teaching it hit me. How can I even think that I am more knowing than the universe? In fact if I am thinking about what I want I am literally limiting myself. The mind has to abide by the same properties as the rest of the physical world. My mind is also limited by the tiny sliver of information I have acquired in this lifetime. What if creating this vision board is actually stopping me from receiving what I NEED? [Insert GIF of head exploding] You see the universe will always offer us what we need. The mind will ask, works towards and nag us for what it wants. Sometimes, many times, what we want is not what we need for our involution. The ego wants and wants and wants. The soul just is. It doesn't change. It doesn't desire. Patanjali let's us know in the sutras that if we hang our dreams, hopes, identification, emotions, etc. on anything in this physical world we will eventually suffer. Everything in this realm is temporary. The only thing that is not is the soul (which does not reside in this physical world) and that's where the peace resides. Here's what my vision board looks like as of today. I bow to something higher than myself. It states my intent or how I want to "show up" in this world and I trust, if I let it, it will bring me want I need to involve in this lifetime.