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No More Stinky Yoga Clothes

It's almost summer and as the yoga room heats up it's time to do our annual detoxing of our yoga gear!

Has this happened to you? You're on the mat getting ready to ramp it up and you get a whiff of something stinky and sour. You look around and wonder where the heck it's coming from. You lean towards your mat-neighbor to confirm it's them because IT CANNOT BE ME! Your clothes and mat towel are straight out of the dryer. The class starts and as you heat up the smell intensifies. There's no denying it, it's not them, it's you. The scent can completely mess up your practice and leave you running out the door for fear of offending others. 

I've tried it all. Vinegar, which left my items smelling like salad dressing. Throwing everything in the pool and letting the sun dry it out. That left my Lululemon wardrobe feeling a little scratchy. I've also thrown out my entire wardrobe and started over again leaving me me broke and naked. NOT GOOD. Plus, eventually they all got stinky again and I was at square one. Don't throw your clothes out. DO NOT PRACTICE YOGA NAKED. I have a better solution for you. 

Do this to all of your workout clothes even if they are already clean and sitting in your drawer. I know it's a pain but it'll take all items out of the "does this stink equation". First time cleaning is just that, first time. Maintenance is way easier.  You will be astounded at what is trapped in your "clean" clothes. Follow the steps below and I promise stinky yoga clothes and towels will be a thing of the past. 

First time cleaning:​​

Start with a large bucket, large pot, or even your sink if you can give it up for a few hours. 

Pour an entire scoop of OxiClean. into the bucket, pot, sink, etc.. If you're using your tub you'll need to add a lot more. We want a strong concentration for the first soaking. If you are environmentally conscious and do not want to put Ethoxylated Alcohol C12-C16 into our water system make your own safer batch

Fill it with hot water, making sure to fully dissolve the Oxiclean. You’ll want enough water to cover the clothing and give the clothes a little space to move.

Next mix it up a bit. The water is HOT so I use a large kitchen spoon, stick or tongs.

Place the items in the solution and give it a stir. You want to items to have contact with the solution. 

Let it sit for hours. I let mine sit overnight. You’ll want the mixture to sit for at least a few hours until the water has cooled. If you remember, give it a stir every once in awhile to agitate the clothes.

When ready drain the water you'll be amazed maybe even appalled at the color of the water. For me it's brown. Ick. 

Then air dry the items. Air drying this first time prevents from any odors to get baked in. Your clothes will now be ready and sweet smelling. 


Now when you wash it's way easier. Wash your yoga gear separate from other clothing. For each load throw in two scoops of OxiClean and detergent every time you wash them. Do not use fabric softener for your workout clothes. Whether you machine dry or air dry is up to you and the manufacturer's labeling. I hang some and dry other items. Also if you can't get to washing your gear right after each use, I can't, let it hang up and dry. Don't leave it in your yoga bag, car or laundry basket to dry. It'll get funky again and you'll need to do the multi hour soak. 

By the way, congrats on your dedication to your practice and enhancing your life.

All my love,


PS. I am not in business with OxiClean.  

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