5 Common Myths About Yoga Teacher Training

Our 200-hr in studio yoga teaching certification is starting March 1, 2021 at Evolution Yoga in Coconut Creek, Fl. Here are the top myths about teacher training that I hear often. Maybe it'll provide comfort knowing that you are not alone thinking these thoughts. Remember though, they are myths...

  1. Not sure I want to actually teach - That's perfect! Many experience yoga teacher training to deepen their practice and personal growth. While others want to learn to teach and plan to do so. All will leave with the life skill of applying yogic philosophy to their lives and relationships.

  2. I'm not advanced enough - The good news is you probably know more than you think you know. Let's chat before you make a final decision on your level of proficiency. You do not need to know, much less do all of the poses. We teach what we know and the fastest way to learn is in teacher training.

  3. I don't meditate - awesome. Also great if you already meditate. Teacher training is an opportunity to learn many things. If you have a meditation practice, I'll teach you how to advance it. If you don't we'll begin it. Either way we learn along the way.

  4. I CANNOT SPEAK IN FRONT OF PEOPLE - Ok let's all take a looooooong exhale on this one. Fear of public speaking might be the biggest fear for many. Take another long inhale and exhale. I promise if this is your obstacle to teaching I will help you combat this fear. It was one that paralyzed me most of my life so I understand it intimately. There's no better place to find your voice than in a loving circle of yogis. The biggest gift I received from teacher training was the obliteration of fear of public speaking.

  5. I'm not (flexible, good enough, strong enough, or just enough) to go through the program - "Well hello ego. I see you're up to your old antics of limiting your host." I hear this ALOT. My answer is always the same. "How do you know? Really how do you know without proof?" It is this type of critical thinking that I teach in teacher training. WE uncover the limiting beliefs that hold us back far too often.

If you want to know more please email me at vikky@vikkysantana.com . I would love to hear your story. Whether you decide to join is secondary. I would like you to have the opportunity to speak to someone that can help you answer your questions so that you can make an educated decision .

All my love yogis! Vikky Santana Yoga Alliance: 500-hr E-RYT Instagram: @vikkysantanayoga FB:https://www.facebook.com/vikky.santana See you in a virtual class!

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